- Locals September

During September, you can ride Blue Bikes for up to one hour each day for no charge! New or existing users. Pay as you go riders. Monthly, University, and Reduced Fare members. EVERYONE gets an hour of ride time every day in September.

How it works

Pay As You Go:

Not much for you to do. Just ride or sign up like you normally would. We’ll give you an hour each day, additional time billed at 13 cents per minute. No fee to sign up.


Thanks for being regular riders! Use code BLUEDATMONTH18 ​to get a $15 credit added to your account. You’ll still receive an hour each day, additional time billed at 13 cents per minute.


Use code BLUEDATUNI18 ​to get a $10 credit added to your account. You’ll still receive an hour each day, additional time billed at 13 cents per minute.

Reduced Fare:

Use code BLUEDATRF18 ​to get a $5 credit added to your account. That's 25% off your annual membership! You’ll still receive an hour each day, additional time billed at 13 cents per minute.

Sign up, download the app

New users can sign up at bluebikesnola.com or on the Social Bicycles app available for Android and Apple devices. Promo codes are good for new and existing users and must be redeemed by September 30, 2018. Pay as you go riders will start to receive their daily hour on September 1, 2018.

Click here for more info about how to redeem your promo code.

Remember to always lock Blue Bikes within the system area to avoid additional fees. Find an updated map of the system area at bluebikesnola.com or the Social Bicycles app.

Free September FAQs

Are there any upfront costs to sign up during Locals September?

Nope! We've waived the sign-up fee for our Pay As You Go plan for the entire month and our the promo codes for our subscription riders take care of your monthly payment for September.

Can I ride as much as I want for free?

The promotion only includes your first hour each day in September. All time exceeding one hour is billed at 13 cents per minute.

What happens if I ride outside of the system area?

You can ride Blue Bikes outside of the system area, but will be charged a $10 fee if you LOCK the bike outside of the area. Need to make a quick stop while outside of the area? Put the bike on HOLD to avoid the $10 fee. The time the bike is on hold will count against your one hour. You can see the system area on the Social Bicycles app or at bluebikesnola.com.

Can I lock the bike at my home?

Blue Bikes must be locked to fixed structures, like a bike rack, that are not on private property. It’s important to remember that once a bike is locked, it appears on the Blue Bikes map so the next rider can use it.

I already have an account. How do I apply the promo code?

You must log in to our account at bluebikesnola.com and add the promo code from the Memberships tab. You can find more instructions here.

I received an error message when trying to apply the promo code. What do I do?

First, double check that the promo code was spelled correctly and that you are redeeming the correct promo code for the plan. If you continue to experience issues, contact our support team at support@bluebikesnola.com or at 504.608.0603.

How can I receive a Blue Bikes RFID card?

We’ll be hosting events throughout September. Stop by any of our events to pick up a card and meet other Blue Bike riders! All events will be posted to the Blue Bikes Facebook page.

Can’t make it to an event to pick up a card? Email info@bluebikesnola.com to arrange to have your card mailed to you.

Blue Bikes Stats

As of July 2018, Blue Bikes riders had burned more than 14 million calories. There are about 3,500 calories in a pound of body fat, roughly, so the calories burned on Blue Bikes are equal to shedding 4,000 pounds! Or, in food terms, it’s close to burning off 47,000 po-boys.

Blue Bikes riders eliminated more than 300,000 pounds of carbon gases from the atmosphere by using green transportation. For context, burning one gallon of gasoline releases about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide – that means Blue Bikes rides saved the equivalent of more than 15,000 gallons of gas.